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Moon-Pluto Natal Aspects (Friend or Foe – there's nothing in between)

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Moon-Pluto Natal Aspects (Friend or Foe – there's nothing in between)

Beitrag von Tigerin am So Okt 22, 2017 12:43 pm

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This post is VERY long for 2 reasons:

1. I don't want to explain the Pluto energy in depth in each Pluto post.

Besides the small differences when it comes to the planet, star (= Sun), or satellite (= Moon) that Pluto aspects, the energy is the same.

2. The planet Pluto and its tension aspects are the most feared and therefore what most people, who are interested in astrology, want to know about.

This post is about tension aspects between Moon and Pluto in the natal chart (Conjunct, Square, Opposite).  affraid

The Moon and its aspect/s (as well as the sign and house position) stand/s, according to astrology, for the emotions of a person, the mother, and experiences with women in general.

The mother of a person with Moon-Pluto is very hostile toward the child. She's extremely critical and enjoys it greatly when the child suffers. The intention of this mother is to destroy the child. Because of that, the Moon-Pluto individual sees the world as unsafe and threatening.

In the mother's mind the world revolves around her. She's “it”, and everyone should obey her.

The mother of Moon-Pluto likes to torture the child. Twisted Evil Examples: if the child is sick with the flu, he/she still has to clean the house. Or if the child mentions he/she doesn't like carrots, the mother will from then on cook dishes with a lot of carrots in them.

Such examples explain why Pluto-people in general keep to themselves. They know from experience that things will get used against them in some way.

Pluto-people = Anyone with a tense Pluto aspect to their Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and/or Mars. As well as, Pluto in Square to the Ascendant/Descendant (=1st house/7th house), and Pluto in Square to the MC/IC (=10th house/4th house).

If a catastrophe were to happen, the mother of Moon-Pluto would save herself and leave the child behind without blinking an eye. Then she'd tell others a made-up story about what happened so that she (the mother) will be celebrated as the best mother of all. (“I tried to save him/her, but aliens came and took him/her. There was a struggle (she means she lost her sunglasses or something while saving herself ), then I tripped, and see here I have a little scratch. Poor me.”)
If the mother would see the child again and there were people around, she'd act happy to see him/her. In private, she'd say to the child something like “You made me lose my sunglasses, good-for-nothing.”

People who believe the mother of Moon-Pluto are either not that bright, or don't care about the child.  cyclops

The child is not allowed to show his/her true self, or any talents. All that has to be “stopped from developing”, because the mother sees the child as a threat. In reality, the mother is a threat to the child.

The mother of Moon-Pluto will deny everything. She will claim she is a fabulous mother. If she admits anything, it will be drenched in a poor-me monologue: “I had a bad life. (no, she didn't) I'm so insecure. I didn't realize what I did to him/her.” Anything to put the focus on her and have people feel sorry for her. 

The Moon-Pluto person cannot rely on the mother, and that also concerns most women. The Moon stands for the emotional needs, and with Moon-Pluto the child needs to be their own mother, nurture him/herself (Moon = nurturing).

The emotional needs of the child are/were not met by the mother, and a lot of other women later in life will behave the same way (clingy, whiny, hateful, backstabbing).

The Moon-Pluto child is not loved or respected, merely tolerated, used and abused. The mother is highly manipulative and very skilled at setting other family members and people against the child. Women later in life will do the same to the Moon-Pluto person.

Because of the tactics of the manipulative mother, the child will "smell" these kinds of actions in general right away. Pluto-people see through manipulation, and any other kind of deceit. They detest any kind of manipulative or otherwise insincere display.  :escape:

The mother is a very hateful and negative person who dominates the entire family and demands utter submission. She is resentful of even the slightest happiness the child feels. Many other women react the same way toward Moon-Pluto. The mother talks in a doom and gloom kind of way. She doesn't say: "Here you go, take this ... with you, just in case. Have a great trip!" She'll say "Don't forget this, or you'll land in the hospital. No one's gonna help you and you will probably be allergic anyway to everything, and then no one will find you trapped somewhere."  

The mother of Moon-Pluto really enjoys frightening the child. It gives her a big happy.  Very Happy

Or she is fake-friendly to people on the streets, and as soon as she turns her back on them, badmouths them to the child. Always negative. Always critical.  Mad

The mother of a Moon-Pluto person denies any kind of violence (”You just imagined that.“, ”You're stressed.“, ”That never happened.“ etc.)

Brainwashing is very common among tense Pluto aspects.

Criticized for every move, every look, not granted any privacy (diaries and text messages were read, no knocking on a door – just barging in, having to account for every minute of their time - who they talked to and why, no personal space to recover, having their trash went through) – in other words, controlling everything - even what gets thrown out - the Moon-Pluto child is under continuous observation. The mother is breathing down the child's neck, never letting him/her out of sight. 

The mother of Moon-Pluto is extremely pushy, smothering the child, always has an eye out, like a creep following the child around. Literally. The child can barely breathe.  pale No

The mother is obsessed with the Moon-Pluto child (as are many other women).

If the child talks back or refuses to obey, the mother will retaliate.

There will be punishment in the form of one or more of the following:

* insults

* threats

* blackmail

* guilt-trips

* silent treatment

* spreading lies or personal information

* physical violence

Public humiliation occurs when the child tries to protect him/herself by ending all contact.

He/She will hear all kinds of manipulation:”You need to respect your mother.“, “If you don't..., then I will...”, “Look at all the things I've done for you.” or trying to suck up to the child as if nothing happened.

Anything to get the Moon-Pluto person back under control. The mother is power-hungry, wants to break the child's will.  Twisted Evil

The mother of Moon-Pluto is extremely controlling.

There are different degrees of intensity regarding the abuse coming from a mother like that. The mildest form is “merely” criticizing the child, meaning not talking nicely to and about him/her. The most severe form is the “complete destruction” of the child. Not every mother of a Moon-Pluto child has the same degree of evilness.

Very rarely do Pluto-people “pass on” a tense Pluto aspect to their own child (and rather a different one than they have themselves), or generally like to torture other people. The ones who do, have suffered the mildest form of mistreatment from the parent and moved away from that parent at a very early age. And these rare Pluto-people who do torture nice people, will pick the opposite gender. Meaning, if someone has a tense Mars-Pluto aspect (= violent father), he/she will most likely - if that Pluto person is an exception - be cruel to women.

It is not unusual that a Moon-Pluto child gets cheated out of his/her inheritance (the mother schemes/d), or that the mother cuts him/her out of her will, or she cashes in on the alimony payments that are meant for the child. 
In short, Pluto invades boundaries, pushes limits.  Mückie sticht!

The mother twists the facts and makes herself out to be the victim. The truth is: the child is the victim, the mother is the bully.

The mother often gives indirect orders (“The window is open.” etc.) and expects the child to “jump”. The child experiences constant humiliation.

The tone of voice of the mother is cold-hearted, disdainful, and snarky.

Projects get sabotaged. The mother tries to talk the Moon-Pluto child out of his/her goals in life and is very competitive with him/her. The mother does not only NOT support the child, but actively sabotages him/her. For example, the child joins a dance competition, the mother will immediately join as well to outdo the child ON TOP OF bad-mouthing the child to the judges who decide who wins the dance competition.

Or the child wrote a book and wants to send it to a publisher, the mother would "accidentally" pour a glass of water over the computer and call the publisher in secret to tell lies about the child in order to NOT get the child's book published.


This is the way the mother of a Moon-Pluto person is like and much worse.

Many people react angrily when a Moon-Pluto person says he/she despises their mother. 

These people are dumb. 

They come with “How can you talk about your mother that way?” They either resemble the mother to a T, or simply have no clue that such evil mothers exist.

The mother of Moon-Pluto is pure evilTwisted Evil

The upbringing of the Moon-Pluto child was filled with negativity. There was a heaviness in the environment. No fun, easygoing attitude from the mother, or any kind of play time that made the child laugh or feel good.

A Moon-Pluto person doesn't hear encouragement from the mother (unless in public where she needs to keep up her fake-nice facade).

If the child, for example, gets a bad grade, he/she hears ”You're a loser.”, “You're not good for anything.“, ”Serves you right.“

Family members are almost always involved in the Pluto dynamics. They often support the view of the hostile mother or get sent to change the child's mind (and they're glad they aren't getting attacked).

In their childhood, Pluto-people didn't know when something was going to happen. They were walking on egg shells. That is why they are always on guard.  Suspect

Very often the mother of Moon-Pluto had an agenda for having the child (“accidentally” getting pregnant to trap a man, marrying for money, having a child to not have to work etc.), as many other women also have an evil agenda for befriending a Moon-Pluto person. In short: They want to use the Moon-Pluto individual (same goes for Venus-Pluto tension aspects!). 

Even if the Moon-Pluto child says that constant nonsense texts from the mother distract him/her at school, the mother will not react rationally, she will play victim and scream, ignore, or guilt-trip the child ("I can't believe you don't want texts from your own mother!" Crying or Very sad ). 

Remember, the mother of Moon-Pluto is not rational. "The universe revolves around her" and even during exams at school, the Moon-Pluto child has to - according to the narcissistic mother - endure distracting texts.  Rolling Eyes

The mother of Moon-Pluto is a tyrant who wasn't raised right and throws tantrums whenever she doesn't get her way. 

Pluto-people are highly self-controlled people. They were not allowed to show when they're happy, react spontaneously, or angrily. Moon-Pluto can violently hate someone, yet you wouldn't be able to tell based on their facial expression. They have a poker face. Cool They had to hide their true feelings in order to make it through childhood.

The showing of anger is/was only reserved for the mother. And she regularly has/had temper tantrums like a complete psycho.
The mother of a Moon-Pluto person has a violent temper.  :nudelholz: :schimpfen:

To the outside world the mother is overly friendly, meaning: fake as can be. She often talks greatly of the child to others. But behind closed doors she lets her hostility toward the child out.

The mother of Moon-Pluto is pure evil, acts in secret, and never does anything unless it benefits her. She wouldn't do anyone a favor unless she gets something in return. Always.

Some Moon-Pluto people say their mother is nothing like that. However, this is not correct according to astrology.

They say this because they either:

* haven't untangled themselves yet (are very young – under 30).

* idealize her (often after the mother passed away).

* believe that nice words and submission will change the mother, or women in general.

* are simply embarrassed to have such a mother.

* often don't admit that to outsiders (Pluto-people are very cautious).

or because:

* the mother has something embarrassing regarding the child that she'd use if not obeyed.

If you want to know what kind of person a mother really is, look at the child's Moon and Venus (especially the aspect/s and house position) in his/her birth chart (as well as possible siblings of that child -  siblings often get treated very differently!), and the 4th house and aspect/s to it.

The mother of a Moon-Pluto person will lie until it is her last day. She will play victim and try to brainwash the child “You better respect your mother.”, as well as others “It was just a misunderstanding. He/She exaggerates.”

In very rare cases the aspect stands for a grandmother or a stepmother, but only if that woman has had an immense influence on the person with Moon-Pluto during childhood, especially the first 3 years. Meaning not just visiting once or twice a year. When there are ambivalent aspects to the Moon (depending on the planet) there were at least two women that had an influence on the child.

Example: Moon Trine Neptune and Moon Square Pluto do not show the influence of one and the same woman. You can't be both violent (Pluto) and genuinely compassionate (Neptune).

Moon-Pluto (and Mars-Pluto) tension aspects are mostly seen in the eyes of a person. It's a piercing gaze, as if looking into a dark tunnel. This is the suppressed anger from all the years, even decades, of abuse, as well as their profundity shining through. Sun-Pluto and Venus-Pluto tension aspects are seen as sort of the whole aura of the person, not mainly the eyes.

Some Pluto-people develop OCD, and most of them don't feel comfortable in large crowds.

When it comes to the mother, a child with Moon in the 8th house or Moon in Scorpio experiences the mother in a similar way, but A LOT weaker. Aspects trump the sign and house position.

The longer a Moon-Pluto person denies the character of the mother, as well as the own Pluto-side, the more he/she will come across women in life who resemble the evil mother.

With Moon-Pluto one often comes across controlling, domineering, devious, and princess-like women. They are incredibly phoney and diabolical. Twisted Evil THE red flag – before knowing them better – is that they always want to have things their way, and are very pushy.

Example: Moon-Pluto says “I really like swimming.”, the mother, or another controlling woman, will snappily encounter “Running is better.” They relish in outdoing the Moon-Pluto person. Moon-Pluto always experiences talking back from these princess-like women because they like to control Moon-Pluto, just like the mother does. They also don't ask Moon-Pluto, they order them around.

The mother of Moon-Pluto likes to create an atmosphere of confrontation. She enjoys provoking the child.  Mückie sticht!

This behavior is not to underestimate and not to forgive. Which is something Moon-Pluto people do not do. Even if they hear an apology years later, a Moon-Pluto person never forgets and never forgives any kind of cruel and/or backstabbing behavior. And they don't care about forgiveness lectures either. Pluto sees things as either-or.

Many women a Moon-Pluto person comes across in life will let him/her down, they will betray Moon-Pluto, and bail on him/her. Just like the own mother of Moon-Pluto acts.

The Moon-Pluto person serves as the scapegoat for the mother and many other women.

Tips for Moon-Pluto people:

Moon-Pluto people (and Venus-Pluto) need to be very careful regarding women (about Moon-Pluto and Venus-Pluto compared to each other: The mother of a Moon-Pluto person is, in most cases, much worse than the one of Venus-Pluto).

With a tense Moon-Pluto aspect, a person will come across many malicious, backstabbing women in life who will sabotage him/her in some way. They will hate the Moon-Pluto person for no reason. That is typical when someone has Moon-Pluto.

After taking advantage of the Moon-Pluto person, he/she will be cast out, titled "the evil one”.

Expect that, with Moon-Pluto, many women will harm you behind your back and pretend being nice to your face.

Beware of women (and they will behave like this especially toward Moon-Pluto) who:

* suck up to you, fake-friendly approach you.

* badmouth people and put them (and you) down.

* are critical, pushy, and clingy.

* always have to have everything go their way and talk back like a spoiled brat (the number 1 red flag: controlling behavior!).

* only show up when they want something.

* have a tense Moon-Jupiter aspect in their natal chart (= spoiled!)


* listen to your gut! (Pluto-people have excellent instincts)

The first breeze of controlling, pushy behavior or diva attitude, Moon-Pluto should be gone.  :escape:

Women will neither appreciate nor return the favor or be loyal to Moon-Pluto. They will use him/her, then drop him/her, and on top of that, share private information and/or spread lies.

The things Moon-Pluto gets accused of, the mother and other evil women did. However, this mostly only comes to light years, or even decades, later. And in the meantime, the Moon-Pluto person serves as the scapegoat.

Many people have no idea about the energies of the planets and astrology in general.

THE misconception about Pluto-people in general is that they are manipulative.

Pluto is very in-your-face. They hate phoniness. Pluto is raw, not insincere.

If you take the tense Moon-Pluto aspect, this person has this aspect because THE OWN MOTHER is manipulative and therefore the Moon-Pluto person will ENDURE MANIPULATION from most women in life. History repeats itself, as many know.

Women are manipulative TOWARD Moon-Pluto, NOT the other way around. THAT IS WHY THE PERSON HAS MOON-PLUTO to begin with.

If you have Moon-Pluto, do not be THAT nice toward women. It doesn't matter if it's women you don't know, colleagues, clients, family members, friends etc.

The ONLY way it works with women - when you have Moon-Pluto - is when they fear you.  Shocked affraid

Women who mistreat Moon-Pluto are pushy, text all day long with their dramas, suffocating the Pluto person, completely disrespecting the boundaries of any person.

The Pluto person has never learned how to express anger, wasn't allowed to, because he/she was immediately shut down as a child. :nudelholz:  :schimpfen:


If you have career plans, don't tell any woman about them (unless she has Moon-Pluto herself, or Venus-Pluto - only tension aspects!).  Evil or Very Mad

They will very likely try to sabotage you. They might call that specific firm you want to apply for and badmouth you, use your email account (should you share an apartment) and you just shortly walked away from your computer and they send nasty emails from your account in your name. 


Women do this to Moon-Pluto people.

So, Mum's the word.  silent

NEVER tell a woman your plans, or at least no details.

If you don't have Moon-Pluto, and think this is overly dramatic, check your Natal Chart and Transits and see when you had - or will have - a tense aspect (Conjunct, Square, Opposition) from Transit-Pluto to your Natal Moon. See what happened or will happen, what kinds of women you'll come across in those about 5-6 years.

The Moon stands for the emotions, so throwing yourself into projects and behaviors that protect children (= Moon), or anyone who gets emotionally (= Moon) mistreated, is a great outlet for Moon-Pluto. 

Pluto "backs off" if you live it yourself.  

With Moon-Pluto you need to be an authority figure toward women, or they'll eat you alive. Even the nicer ones will. They may genuinely not believe that they will act that way one day toward Moon-Pluto, but they will. These psycho-princesses subtly pick up on the Moon-Pluto person's energy, facial expressions and gestures, and the slightest whiff of being nicer, and these psycho-women "lunge at" Moon-Pluto. Like a spoiled tyrant trying to see what they can get away with.

Moon-Pluto mustn't ease up when it comes to being extremely strict with women. The same behavior needs to be applied to the own mother. If she gets hostile toward your career, trying to appease her will only make it worse, but one could say - in a forceful tone - something like: "I will do this and you will stay out of it." The mother of Moon-Pluto thinks she has the right to butt into her child's business. Usually the mother will suddenly be very calm and baffled when being put in place. Sometimes she'll talk right back, but then Moon-Pluto needs to NOT back down but repeat the harsh tone.   :nudelholz:

It really is that way, that as soon as Moon-Pluto is niceER to women, they immediately take advantage of that (even sweet women) and turn into complete psychotic witches. 

With Moon-Pluto (or Venus-Pluto), it's unfortunately that way that one needs to be harsh with women. :schimpfen:

If the boundaries of Moon-Pluto won't get accepted (which they mostly don't), “appropriate actions need to be taken“ by Moon-Pluto, in other words, consequences. 

No exceptions.

And no bluffing either.

If someone wants a life-long enemy, double-crossing a Pluto-person is the way to go.

Apologies and amends are useless - once considered a traitor, you're out of his/her life.

Pluto-people can change from “loyal and protective friend” to “You better start running and hiding.” within 1 second when they find out someone went behind their back.

At best some Moon-Pluto people are merely unforgiving, while many others are downright revengeful (even when they deny it).

Fake remorse and insincere apologies out of fear in the hope that Moon-Pluto refrains from getting back at them, is useless by the way. 

A Moon-Pluto person (and in general Pluto-people) will make sure “balance gets restored” one day. Even if that takes years or decades. Time doesn't matter. They never forget and never forgive treachery, even when some of them preach the whole “only love, light, forgiveness” nonsense.

Pluto is dark. And suppressing Pluto only makes it angrier.  :Kopf durch die Wand 

Pluto can be resembled to a volcano waiting to erupt.

The longer Moon-Pluto people deny their own dark side, the longer and more often this energy comes from other women. An aspect gets experienced in life one way, or the other.

Once Pluto-people accept their dark side, they revel in it. That's because it's a part of them that wants to be accepted and "lived".  :banana yea:

The ”There's only light and love. Forgive everybody.“ speech from some Pluto-people is annoying. It's not true and it doesn't help them to deny their Pluto-side. They won't get liked or left alone. The exact opposite happens.

Moon-Pluto cannot appease with kindness, that only riles evil snakes up more. It's as if these spoiled, ungrateful psycho-princesses want to have Mommy set boundaries for them, wanting to "meet Pluto".

As soon as a Moon-Pluto person puts these psycho-women in place - Pluto-style - (Pluto-people know what that means :schimpfen: ) , these princesses are baffled and suddenly become very quiet. That oddly calms them down and keeps them in check.  Shocked 

Sometimes they even look happy and relieved.  Very Happy






Why some Pluto-people come with the “Always be nice.” way is strange, because Pluto despises phoniness more than anyone. And they know they're being phoney themselves when they say this.

Moon-Pluto women often have very few female friends, if any at all. And that's good! :Y: If one has Moon-Pluto it's imperative to only befriend other Moon-Pluto or Venus-Pluto women (Venus also stands for the mother). No exceptions. IF you absolutely must befriend a woman who does not have Moon-Pluto or Venus-Pluto herself, then make sure she has ANY Moon-Neptune aspect (Neptune = Compassion). NOT Sun, Mercury, Venus, or Mars to Neptune, but ONLY Moon-Neptune.

To rely on women is the last thing a Moon-Pluto person should do.

Some will think this is ridiculous or extreme, but it will happen one day that a woman who doesn’t have Moon-Pluto (or Venus-Pluto), will betray the Moon-Pluto person. Even if it's years or decades after the friendship was formed. Most women who (try to) befriend a Moon-Pluto person have evil intentions.

Know that most snaky women in general have a fabulous image. They appear overly nice and classy. They come with “empowerment”, “non-violent communication” or “respect others” to such an extreme degree that it makes you want to hurl. Then you check their child's natal chart and see Moon-Pluto, Venus-Pluto, Moon in Scorpio, or Moon in the 8th house.


If you're genuinely respectful toward a Moon-Pluto person, you will have a friend for life. If you betray them, it's better to never cross their path again.

Be clear about this: Things evil women do to Moon-Pluto is not just being a little bitchy or difficult. These women harm/destroy the reputation or lives of Moon-Pluto individuals by spreading lies, stealing from them, making sure Moon-Pluto loses a job, and much worse. This is not something to roll one's eyes at or minimize. And evil women really won't stop unless Moon-Pluto dips into their dark side. Moon-Pluto people know. They've tried the whole “be above it” or “ignore and it will go away” nonsense.

Moon-Pluto experiences scheming and exploitation you wouldn't believe.

These tips may come across as dramatic to Non-Pluto people, but unfortunately with tense Pluto aspects it is necessary to behave in a certain way:

Either “live” Pluto yourself, or have it come from outside.

Women are incredibly pushy and do not respect the boundaries of the Moon-Pluto person. THAT is EXACTLY what Pluto is about: Boundaries do not get respected. That can go from, for example, calls at 4 a.m. to spreading lies.

Moon-Pluto people are used to “being dropped” by women as soon as they share a different opinion on something or set boundaries in any way. That women suddenly break off contact with them when there is even the slightest disagreement. This is exactly how the mother acts: the child doesn’t obey, and BANG!, she retaliates using either the silent treatment or a temper tantrum. According to the mother of Moon-Pluto, and most other women Moon-Pluto comes across, it has to be her (the mother's or another woman's) way, or no way. These psycho-princesses always have to be on top. If, for example, the psycho-princess loses her job, BUT the Moon-Pluto person has a job or gets a raise, the psycho-princess will just because of that end all contact with the Moon-Pluto person as she (the psycho-princess) needs to be BETTER or have something more or at least equal. 

These psycho-princesses feel threatened for no rationl reason by Moon-Pluto. 

However, THEY are the real threat! THEY are the backstabbers. The bullies. NOT Pluto.

More tips:

* Look at a woman's Moon and Venus in her natal chart, as well as the 4th house and aspects TO the 4th house.

* If a woman has a child who has a tense Moon-Pluto (or Venus-Pluto) aspect, I suggest to immediately get out of that woman's life. 

* If a woman wants to befriend you, see that you get a look at her guy's/girl's natal chart should she not be single. If her guy/girl has a tense Moon-Pluto (or Venus-Pluto) aspect in his/her chart, I suggest to decline the friendship. If you think this is nonsense or crazy, go ahead and befriend her, and then do tell after a few months or years what she did. Same goes for Pluto in the 7th house or Square the 7th house. If someone has this in his/her birth chart, it's also best to decline the friendship of his/her partner. The ONLY exception is if that person with such a placement in the natal chart is with another Pluto person or  "lives" the Pluto energy him/herself. THEN the partner is probably alright. Still, assuming the partner is a good person, he/she still has a nasty side, which then will only come out when threatened. 

* If the woman has a sibling or several siblings, check their natal charts and look at Mercury, especially its aspects. Mercury stands for siblings. If her sister/brother has for example Mercury Square Pluto, then you know. If she has more siblings and there are ambivalent aspects to Mercury, still be very cautious, her character could be indicated by the tense Pluto aspect.

When it comes to the orb (= distance) between aspects, a 6 degree distance is advisable. Anything more than 6 degrees some can identify with, while others cannot. The absolute limit when it comes to the orb is 10 degrees. Anything within 6 degrees is an aspect, no matter if “moving toward the planet/star” or “already past it”. If you're not sure, with tense Pluto aspects you can always literally SEE that in a person's eyes or aura.

And please, planets, stars or satellites cannot “shine through” others (this only concerns the Conjunct aspect). Let's say, Moon, Pluto, and Mars are in Virgo (Moon at 5 degrees, Pluto at 8 degrees, and Mars at 10 degrees) there is only Moon Conjunct Pluto, NOT Moon Conjunct Mars.

For Moon-Pluto individuals it's wrong to build up women or help them when they come along with their dramas, but an answer such as “That's not my problem.” and to say that in a very strict, even cold, tone with a strong body language. At first these whiny, narcissistic princesses won't accept that, they'll throw a tantrum, which means the Moon-Pluto person can laugh at this grown woman acting like a spoiled, loony brat.

Moon-Pluto people have to purposely seek out other Moon-Pluto (or Venus-Pluto) people. They will be supportive of them.

The Moon-Pluto person is accustomed to the mother dumping all her issues on him/her. For example, if divorced, the mother talks badly about the father to the child, trying to set the child against the father, and demands that the child asks the father all kinds of things that are none of the mother's business. Again, boundaries do not get respected by the mother of a Moon-Pluto person.

That is, among other things, why Moon-Pluto people have a high frustration limit, why they listen to the dramas of their fake female friends/girlfriends for so long.

Pluto in the 4th house in the natal chart is cute compared to a tense Moon-Pluto aspect. It's even inferior to Moon in the 8th house or Moon in Scorpio.

Snaky women won't accept Moon-Pluto for standing up for him/herself and will often first react crazier to regain control. Moon-Pluto needs to “bare their claws”, because psycho-princesses need to surrender to Pluto
Women need to be put in their place by the Moon-Pluto person.  :schimpfen:

Non-Pluto people do not understand this, that's because being above it has worked for them (or mostly they just lie about it). However, that does not work with tense Pluto-aspects.

There may be a few women who act nicely no matter what, but they - at the same time - have a very intense “Don't mess with me.” aura, which means they do have that dark part inside as well. They can say all they want, when you look at them, you see it. And it's mostly these pseudo-goody people anyway - who are preaching to others - that have a screw loose themselves.

Moon-Pluto has to become their own mother figure, because the mother won't behave like one. The mother and other horrible women (whiny, overwhelming, demanding) expect the Moon-Pluto person to attend to their needs (= Moon), to act like a mother.




Because of their princess-like-thinking, these diabolical women expect that Moon-Pluto represents the safety they themselves had growing up. These women are spoiled and because of that feel entitled to demand that of the Moon-Pluto person. 

Why is it that MOST women who use and betray Moon-Pluto, DON'T have THEIR Moon badly aspected?

Because they are used to having their emotional needs met, while Moon-Pluto is used to meeting other women's needs. That is because the mother of Moon-Pluto switched the child/parent roles and demanded that the child cater to HER needs.

Most of these psycho-princesses, who use Moon-Pluto, have either no aspect(s) to their Moon, or they have any harmonious aspect(s) to the Moon, or - and that is the worst - Moon in a tense aspect to Jupiter (= spoiled!). Moon-Jupiter as well as Sun-Jupiter people (tension aspects only!) are arrogant and insufferable (if Pluto also harshly aspects the Moon, it will be conflicting, but Jupiter still shows itself).

Under no circumstances should Moon-Pluto people play mother toward anyone, but themselves (or their own child/ren).

Moon-Pluto stands for power plays with women. The mother rejects the child, and so do many other women. For no rational reason. The mother and many other women want to see Moon-Pluto “beneath them”.

And that has to change. 


Women need to be kept in check by Moon-Pluto. No security is to be given.   Evil or Very Mad

Always question a woman's motive toward you if you have Moon-Pluto (or Venus-Pluto)!

Know this: Pluto-people respond. They do not start. Unfortunately it (= evil actions by evil women) won't stop, unless they (Pluto) respond with their dark side.

The visual difference between the sign Scorpio (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or the Ascendant in the sign of Scorpio, without a tense Pluto aspect!) and a person with a tense Pluto aspect to at least one planet or star is:

With the Scorpio sign the person looks like as if the Pluto-energy is merely breathed on, whereas with a tense Pluto-aspect the energy looks pure.

Or described differently: juice mixed with water, compared to pure juice.

Pluto-people believe, because they could only make it through childhood that way, that when they put themselves down in front of the parent or hold themselves back (because they know any happiness or accomplishment would set the parent off and feel threatened), that they will be left alone, have peace – for a while.

But, Pluto needs to show their power and talents, only then will the parent and others back down. Not in the beginning, of course, where the parent tries to regain control by behaving even more irrationally.  :nudelholz: :schimpfen:

The time the Moon-Pluto child puts his/her mother in her place is completely up to him/herself. No unnecessary risks should be taken. What outsiders think of the mother (and that includes friends, colleagues etc. who think they know her) is absolutely uninteresting. The child knows the parent best.

The mother of Moon-Pluto is insufferable. A raging tyrant.

Pluto-people are always watching their back and are always prepared. And Pluto always has a back-up plan, or several. 

They also defend and protect people who get cast out – as they are/were themselves. All the shallow things many people are seduced by, a Pluto-person cannot stand.

Because the Moon also stands for children, people with a tense Pluto aspect to the Moon are very protective of children. That goes for tense aspects between Moon and Mars as well. Mars and Pluto are the warrior planets. They fight for victims.

A Pluto individual has to be the powerful person he/she really is. It is not in his/her life plan to be mousy. Pluto-people have the profundity and immense willpower to achieve their goals.

Pluto brings forth the bold truth.

Pluto-people in general excude intensity, their body/aura looks like they resemble a bubbling volcano.

Moon-Pluto will one day turn the tables on the mother and other two-faced women who betrayed him/her in some way.

There is no other way the mother's manic behavior, as well as that of other snaky women, can be stopped, unless the dark side of the Moon-Pluto person emerges. Twisted Evil

©️ 2017 Tigerin

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