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Sun-Pluto Natal Aspects (The domineering and power-hungry father)

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Sun-Pluto Natal Aspects (The domineering and power-hungry father)

Beitrag von Tigerin am So Okt 22, 2017 12:56 pm

© 2017 Tigerin

This post is about tension aspects (Conjunct, Square, Opposite) between Sun and Pluto in the natal chart.  affraid

A person with a tense aspect between Sun and Pluto in the natal chart experiences the father as domineering, suffocating, and manipulative.  Twisted Evil

It's advisable to read the Moon-Pluto post http://forum-der-esoterik.forumieren.de/t811-moon-pluto-natal-aspects-friend-or-foe-there-s-nothing-in-between#4043

in this forum, because everything that's explained there, also applies to tension aspects between Sun and Pluto. The main differences are that the Sun represents the father and experiences with men in general. And the Sun stands for a person's vitality, ego, self-confidence, the nature of a person, NOT the emotions and the mother/experiences with women in general (= Moon).

With a Sun-Pluto tension aspect, the father demeans the child, suppresses his/her will, and wants the child to obey him. The father does not tolerate protest. A massive power imbalance takes place. The child doesn’t get accepted the way he/she is, he/she has to be kept down according to the father, because he sees the child as a threat.

In very rare cases the aspect stands for a grandfather or a stepfather. However, that is only if that man has had a tremendous influence on the child during his/her upbringing (especially the first 3 years), meaning not just visiting once or twice a year.

Pluto is interested in everything that has depth, is going on behind the scenes, as well as dark topics in general. Superficiality is of no interest to Pluto-people. They also have a strong physical presence. You can see the intensity coming from them.

Whereas, for example, Uranus-people look and behave as if they're charged up, Pluto resembles a bubbling volcano.

With the Sun and its house position as well as aspect/s, a person identifies with the most. The house in which the Sun is, one wants to “shine”, this is where he/she wants to express him/herself.

It is immensely important that a Sun-Pluto person owns their power and lives it (= not being TOO nice and especially stand up to the father and men in general, as well as set strong boundaries regarding them!). If this doesn't happen, the Pluto-energy will be experienced from outside through horrible encounters with men. Evil men often sabotage the Sun-Pluto person, torture him/her, or much worse.

Pluto only knows either-or. There are no gray areas. Friend or Foe.

For Pluto-people in general, the saying “Don't harm them, and they won't harm you.” applies.

They are very unforgiving, and many are even downright revengeful. Think twice before making a Pluto-person your enemy. 

Pluto-people, no matter if a tension aspect from Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars to Pluto, have a list in their head. What that means is they never forget any nastiness toward them, and most of them will one day get back at their enemies. Pluto does not tolerate any backstabbing/disloyalty.

If you have a Pluto-person as a friend, you can call yourself lucky. They're protective and loyal and also expect the same in return. If they get used or betrayed, they do a 180 within 1 second and become your worst enemy.

Pluto-People don't forgive. They exact vengeance.

If they get betrayed in even the slightest way, and that includes not having their back when they get treated badly (for example, saying things like “I'll stay out of it. That's between you and so-and-so.”), they will immediately break off contact and the downfall of the traitor will be planned. Even if that takes years or decades.

Tension aspects between Mars and Pluto are similar when it comes to the father-child dynamic. However, Mars stands more for how the father physically behaves toward the child. Meaning, with Mars-Pluto the child experiences the father as being physically violent, too. This also applies to Sun-Pluto to an extent, but a lot less.

The 5th house needs to be looked at as well, as it also stands for the father. NOT the 4th or 10th house, whoever came up with that nonsense.

Moon = Cancer = ruler of the 4th house (mother)

Sun = Leo = ruler of the 5th house (father)

The 10th house is the boss at your work place, as well as your public reputation, IT DOES NOT represent the father or mother. And aspects TO the 10th house show your way up career-wise.

Sun in Scorpio or Sun in the 8th house is similar to Sun-Pluto natal tension aspects, but A LOT weaker. Aspects trump the sign and house position. 

© 2017 Tigerin

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