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Mars-Pluto (The violent father)

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Mars-Pluto (The violent father)

Beitrag von Tigerin am So Nov 05, 2017 2:58 pm

© 2017 Tigerin

This post applies only to tension aspects (Conjunct, Square, Opposite) between Mars and Pluto in the natal chart.

Because it would be endless repeating, the Pluto energy is mostly explained in the Moon-Pluto post. Meaning, it's advisable to read it:


The differences, as well as additions, of course, are explained in the specific posts.

A Mars-Pluto aspect should be taken very seriously.  affraid

The sign the planet Mars is in, its aspect/s and house position, stand for the assertiveness of a person, the sexual drive, where the most energy goes into, as well as where (house position) the person has to battle.

When Pluto, the planet of either-or, of boundary violation, makes a tension aspect to Mars, it is very likely that violent physical assaults or threats take place. The Pluto person needs to accept the Pluto-energy and live it, so that these experiences are kept to a minimum.

Living Pluto means NOT being too understanding or having a too good-natured presence/personality. Being tough and setting strong boundaries is essential, especially with a tense Pluto aspect.

Not to scare anyone, but with Mars-Pluto tension aspects (this also applies to Transit-Pluto making a tension aspect to the natal Mars) physical assaults, attacks, or a/n (sporting) injury can most likely happen. Many men who are domineering and violent enter the person's life during this time, or, if it's a natal aspect, it's a “life's issue”.

The father of a Mars-Pluto person is oppressive, evil, and often physically abusive.

The anger and assertion of the child get massively oppressed by the father. The child is not allowed to show anger. The anger therefore bottles up. This will, after a long time, depending on how much self-control the natal chart of the Mars-Pluto person shows, end in a massive outburst of rage.  :fresse dich!:

Unfortunately, there are some astrology computer programs, which show that if someone who, for example, has Venus, Mars and Pluto in the sign of Libra – let's say, Venus is at 10 degrees Libra, Mars at 13 degrees Libra, and Pluto is at 15 degrees Libra – has Venus Conjunct Pluto.
This person has Mars Conjunct Pluto, BUT NOT Venus Conjunct Pluto. Mars stands in between. Planets or stars cannot “shine through” others (this only concerns the Conjunct aspect). If it's an Opposition or Square, the aspect is there, but not with a Conjunct aspect, because Mars, as in the above mentioned example, stands exactly in the middle. An orb (= distance) of 6 degrees is advisable when it comes to aspects. Sometimes even up to 10 degrees.

Doing martial arts is what should be recommended to Mars-Pluto people, as well as when someone has a Pluto-Mars Transit. The suppressed anger and the immense power/force must be lived.

Regarding men, this person must be extra strict, and have a “Don't mess with me” energy, and show this with body language. And doing martial arts helps with that.

Mars-Pluto people have a strong will and when they assert themselves, it will be very brutally. :Kopf durch die Wand 

A strong endurance and a drive to gain power (not in a negative way, although there are some exceptions), exist. The Pluto person needs to be the one who has the upper hand.

In rare cases, the Mars-Pluto aspect stands for a stepfather or a grandfather.

If you order Pluto people around or threaten them, they will retaliate. No one likes to be ordered around or threatened, but with Pluto-people it's a million times stronger, because it reminds them of their powerlessness during their childhood and the necessitation to bow down to the abusive parent.

Mars in the 8th house is similar.

© 2017 Tigerin

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