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Mercury-Pluto (beware of your sibling/s and slander)

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Mercury-Pluto (beware of your sibling/s and slander)

Beitrag von Tigerin am So Nov 19, 2017 7:08 pm

© 2017 Tigerin
This post is about tense Mercury-Pluto aspects in the natal chart.  affraid

Mercury stands for siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, your daily routine, communication (as well as how you think), and neighbors.

With a tense aspect (Conjunct, Square, Opposite) between Mercury and Pluto, it means that people who have this aspect will experience powerlessness and bullying coming from the above-mentioned areas and people.

The Pluto energy is mainly explained in my Moon-Pluto post, so it is advisable to read it:


People with Mercury-Pluto have (depending on how many siblings they have), at least one sibling who is not nice at all. If someone has no siblings, it stands – when it comes to relatives - for uncles, aunts, and cousins.
The sibling is a bully and very manipulative.  Twisted Evil :nudelholz: 

Anyone with a tense Pluto aspect to either the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, who says “My father/mother, sister/brother is nice. We get along great.”, is being dishonest. 

Either it will one day be made public, or when you see the two siblings (or parent and child) interact, you notice that it's true.

In very rare cases, which I mentioned a few times in other Pluto posts, a Pluto aspect can stand for a grandfather or stepfather (if it's Sun and/or Mars-Pluto), for a grandmother or stepmother (if it's Moon and/or Venus-Pluto), or an uncle/aunt/cousin (if it's Mercury-Pluto) IF it's not the mother, father, or sibling. BUT there was one individual during the upbringing of the Pluto-person who was abusive toward the person who has the tense Pluto aspect.

No exceptions.  Evil or Very Mad

Why is it most likely the sibling (if you have a sibling or more than one) when you have Mercury-Pluto? Because most people spend more time with a sibling growing up, than a cousin/aunt/uncle.

With Mercury-Pluto, or any other tense Pluto aspect, the person needs to “live” the Pluto energy him/herself, or it will come from outside, meaning other people.

With Transit-Pluto to natal Mercury (tense aspects only!) it means that as soon as the Transit starts, which is about 5-6 degrees BEFORE making the exact aspect, until about 5-6 degrees AFTER the exact aspect, the person will experience powerlessness regarding siblings (that could indicate a fight, or a breaking off communication with the sibling), having their work (Mercury = work, especially writing) stolen, employment/work issues, an identity being stolen or private information leaked and it's hard during that time or even impossible to get it removed, intense thoughts, a bullying neighbor, being blocked or ignored communication-wise in general, bullying work-wise, or could get defamed, sued or sue someone themselves. 

At best Pluto “just” blocks. Meaning you get nothing regarding Mercury-related areas, and go through negative, obsessive thinking (= Pluto-Mercury) during that time.

What also happens often with Pluto-Mercury, no matter if it's a tense natal or Transit aspect, is that the person gets annoyed by intrusive people or by people from some kind of office, department, or even charity organizations, who - at that time if it's a Transit - push all kinds of demands on the person. For example, the person gets letters from various charities every two weeks and they don't stop being a pest until the person with Mercury-Pluto "lives" the energy, meaning sets strict boundaries. :schimpfen: 

Any kind of department/agency/office can be pushy at that time for mostly no reason. One just comes across nasty and insincere people regarding mercury-related areas.

A Pluto-Transit lasts for about 5 years.

A few, or all, of the above-mentioned events will take place during this Transit.

With a tense natal aspect between Mercury and Pluto, all of what I describe, is a “life-issue”.

Mercury-Pluto people are highly-intelligent and one way of “living” Pluto is to write and/or teach. Under my Venus-Pluto post I have explained Mercury-Pluto a bit (it's in the last half of the post):


Mercury in Scorpio and Mercury in the 8 house is similar, but A LOT weaker.

With Mercury-Pluto the trick is to read A LOT. The planet Pluto is completely “devouring” Mercury. Reading lightens the constant over-thinking. Reading, talking, or writing “soothes” Pluto.

Mercury-Pluto means to stand up to your sibling, as well as talking/writing in a blunt way, and/or about violent, dark topics.

If a Pluto-person does not "live" Pluto him/herself, the beast (= Pluto) will show itself from outside. An aspect gets experienced in life either way.  

If the Mercury-Pluto energy does not get lived, it can also show in the form of slander. With a Mercury-Pluto tension aspect it's always advisable to have a good lawyer at all times, or a legal costs insurance! Many people will lie about the Mercury-Pluto person.

Pluto-people in general (no matter if it's a tense aspect from Pluto to Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) are at best unforgiving, and at worst vindictive. 

Pluto is either-or. You are their friend or their enemy. There is NOTHING in between. No gray areas. They are always prepared and never forget an enemy. Even if it takes them years or decades, most of them get even. Same goes for tense Mars aspects to either Sun or Moon. :schimpfen: 

The few Pluto-people who decide not to get even, but are only unforgiving and merely wish the other person all the bad luck in the world, still revel in the demise of their enemies when they get "crushed" by someone else. These Pluto-people then gloat while eating popcorn and watching the downfall of their enemies. Twisted Evil

© 2017 Tigerin

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