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Natal Pluto Square Natal Ascendant/Descendant (= 1st house/7th house)

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Natal Pluto Square Natal Ascendant/Descendant (= 1st house/7th house)

Beitrag von Tigerin am So Feb 25, 2018 11:45 am

This tense aspect means that a love relationship (7th house) will very likely be with someone who is domineering and abusive in some way.

Because the Ascendant (= 1st house cusp) shows others how you come across, what your first reaction is, with Pluto in an hard aspect to it, it shows a person who comes across as very intense, and even threatening.

With Natal Pluto Square Natal Ascendant/Descendant it means that both house cusps are at the same time aspected. It can't be that there's only one of them. You automatically have both and have to deal with both meanings.

This aspect needs to be lived, otherwise horrible encounters will be experienced through others. Especially when it comes to relationships (because the Square to the 1st house should come across that way to an extent anyway as Pluto needs to be lived), this person needs to own their own Pluto power, meaning should not be too lenient or TOO nice toward love partnerships.


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