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Hard Moon-Mars Natal Aspects (the quick-tempered, domineering mother)

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Hard Moon-Mars Natal Aspects (the quick-tempered, domineering mother)

Beitrag von Tigerin am Fr Jul 13, 2018 11:30 am

Copyright © 2018 by Tigerin

IMPORTANT: The Mars and Sun signs and their aspects are more visually seen in men, not so much in women.

The Moon and Venus signs and their aspects are more visually seen in women. In men a lot less, if at all.

The ascendant sign is equally seen in both.

The following applies to tension aspects!

A tension aspect (Conjunct, Opposite, Square) between the Moon and Mars in the natal chart is generally felt as an interference by the person (same goes for tension aspects from Saturn, Pluto, Lilith, and Chiron - Uranus and Neptun as well, but a lot less and different). 

However, the Mars energy has to be lived, otherwise he/she will experience it from others.

In the case of Moon-Mars the mother is hectic, aggressive, argumentative, domineering and impatient. The Moon-Mars child is/was exposed to temper tantrums and orders coming from the mother.  :nudelholz: :schimpfen:

The Moon represents the character of the mother. A big misconception is that the person with a Moon-Mars tension aspect has outbursts of anger. This is completely wrong. The mother does. If a person would emotionally flip out easily, the Moon would not be hurt by Mars. Same goes for Saturn or Pluto tension aspects to the Moon. If Mars, Saturn, or Pluto harshly aspects the Moon, it means that the emotions (= Moon) were NOT allowed to be shown. Or why else is the Moon hurt?  Rolling Eyes Someone with harmonious aspects to the Moon or no aspects to the Moon was allowed to freely express emotions. And someone with tense Jupiter aspects was even spoiled.

It makes no sense that Moon-Mars people (tense aspects!) have outbursts of anger. Many of them get stomachaches or headaches because they suppress their anger.
The mother of a Moon-Mars person is the lunatic with the short fuse.  :nudelholz: :schimpfen:

The person with the Moon-Mars tension aspect often gets pressured by the mother and other women (= Moon), and will then - when treated disrespectfully - react Moon-Mars-like. Which means:  Mad

Moon-Mars-like reactions occur purely out of defense - contrary to popular belief of many people who know nothing about astrology (even if they have a certificate). People who tell others that Moon-Mars individuals have temper tantrums, have no idea about astrology and the impact of the planet energies. 

The child has the aspect BECAUSE the mother is like that. The child experiences the aspect as follows: BECAUSE the child is used to - since childhood – being pressured and reprimanded, he/she expects it all the time (and really does experience it regularly), and is therefore ready to defend him/herself. Which he/she often has to.

The mother of a person with Moon-Mars comes across as very manly. Both her emotional style and her physical appearance. For example, she tramples instead of walks and wears manly clothes and bosses people around.  :Kopf durch die Wand

A man who has a tension aspect between Moon and Mars (or Moon and Pluto), often dates and marries women who are emotionally AND physically violent (same goes for Venus-Pluto tension aspects, and a lot less Venus-Mars).

Moon-Mars people are warriors by nature, and this does not mean argumentative, but they stand up for children (= Moon), and generally defend people who get treated badly. Of course, they also fight for their own goals. 

Even if on the outside some of these people look as if they are emotionally "asleep" or something like that, they are not. Moon is fueled by Mars. They are emotionally highly stimulated and always on guard, ready to fight back. Quick (= Mars). Mind you, these people never start. They merely defend themselves.

It's not advisable to make a Moon-Mars person your enemy. They are extremely unforgiving, many even vindictive. As are Pluto-people (even when some of them deny it).  Rolling Eyes

The thing is that people with one (or more) tension aspect/s to the Moon (no matter which of the uncomfortable planets) feel that the Moon sign, as well as the house position, is pleasant. This energy wants to be felt as the “emotional basic mood”. However, even though Mars is attacking the Moon, the person with this aspect is interested in Moon-Mars-like things. But in a positive way.


Many people with a Moon-Mars tension aspect in the natal chart like Xena, because she's a courageous warrior.

Most Moon-Mars people are also very interested in martial arts and action movies. They need and want a lot of stimulation and exercise.

They equally don't want to hear things such as ”Let's all like each other, forgive everything and everyone. Love and light.“ They think: ”Nah, screw that. It's so fake.“ 

Tips for Moon-Mars people:

Don't be THAT nice toward women. Don't give them any guarantees because with Moon-Mars you mostly come across overbearing women who push you around, and with Moon-Mars one has to push back. Which means stand up to women, DON'T bow down to them. With Moon-Mars one has to live that energy him/herself, only then will these bossy women back off. 

Unfortunately, it is the case that the nicer you are to women when you have a natal tension aspect between Moon and Mars in your chart (or between Moon and Pluto or Venus and Pluto), the more combative - and even psychotic - they will be toward you. 

Women need to be kept in check by the Moon-Mars person (as well as by Moon-Pluto and Venus-Pluto).  Cool

Back to the mother of Moon-Mars: The mother of Moon-Mars won't talk in a normal tone, she only likes to scream and order around. 
She's a brusque and lowbrow oaf.  :nudelholz: :schimpfen:

Toward the mother the same tips apply, which means not being THAT friendly, and talking back right away when she comes with her bullying screaming fits and orders.


With Moon-Mars one experiences many power games with women (a lot less than with Moon-Pluto though), this however gets started by other women, NOT the Moon-Mars person. Otherwise he/she wouldn't have Moon-Mars.

YOU experience the aspects you have.

The Moon and its aspect/s show/s how WOMEN treat you. Moon-Mars people merely defend themselves and push back because they know from experience that they won't be left alone otherwise. With this aspect (as well as with a Moon-Pluto tension aspect and Venus-Pluto) one has to stand up to women who try to dominate them.

Women with a Moon-Mars tension aspect have - in most cases - a more muscular physique than other women. When they, for example, work out, they get fitter easier and quicker than the ones who don't have Moon-Mars.

In astrology the Moon is assigned to the eyes and the physical body. And Mars stands for muscle power. For example, Moon-Mars women move and walk more vigorously and quicker than others. In men this aspect is not seen as much physically.

With a lot of practice one can literally SEE the aspects, element emphasis and the ascendant sign in people.

The upbringing of a Moon-Mars person is war-like (= Mars). There are a lot of arguments with the mother and turmoil. For example, the mother rushes the child for no reason (“Come ooon, get your coat, we have to go!!!” and pushes the child toward the door, even though there is no time-sensitive event. When the child asks something like “May I play with my dolls?”, the mother snappily screams “What are you, an idiot?! No! Set the table. NOW!”  :nudelholz:

The Moon doesn't like to be harshly aspected by planets like Mars, Saturn, or Pluto. Neither by Chiron or Lilith (which are not planets). 

Copyright © 2018 by Tigerin


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